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3 min readJun 8, 2022


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The recent Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to adopt changes to the new normal, which has led many organizations to redevelop their products and services offerings with modern technologies according to the market trends to get ahead in the competition, retain the customer and enhance user experience. One such modern approach is “Microservices Architecture.”

This blog will go through a few quick overviews of business benefits that organizations achieve by adopting microservices architecture for developing their products.

Let’s start by getting a brief understanding of what Microservices Architecture is?

Microservices architecture is a DevOps methodology that offers a dynamic and agile approach to developing, executing, and managing a large-size application by divided into multiple smaller, individual and independent applications.

Every application developed by this architecture is more robust, scalable, flexible, compassable, and complete by having the leverage to develop in different platforms and coding languages. These applications can also be deployed on different platforms and interact with each other via APIs by showing no difference in working to the end-user.

Below are the top 4 business benefits organization achieve by adopting microservices architecture to develop their products and services.

Improved Performance and Optimization

A good quality product or service can retain customers and increases customer satisfaction. As the application is divided and developed into various small individual parts, it becomes easy for the organization’s development team to identify and fix the small application which is not performing. Also, this individual application can also be optimized according to the requirement by keeping other elements of the application untouched.

Faster Time to Market

The trends in the market will last no longer, and every customer needs bug-free and updated software and services. In microservices architecture, the applications are developed and maintained individually. This becomes effortless for the organization development team to rework on the specific application or develop a new application with new features and release it in the market quicker than the monolithic approach.

Improved Scalability and Flexibility

The applications in microservices architecture are individually developed with different technologies and deployed on different platforms. This gives the organization’s development teams the free hands to choose the most comfortable technology stack to develop and deploy without concerns about incompatibility issues. By this, the organization’s development team can scale up/down or add any new element in the application as per the requirement by maintaining the whole system without any downtime on single or multiple servers.

Enabled continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) Pipeline

As we all know, the top business benefits enterprise can achieve by implementing CI/CD pipeline. Continuous integration and continuous delivery are the key concepts for cross-functioning with DevOps and the agile approaches. As it is by default enabled in mircoservices architecture, it’s a benefit for the tech leaders to develop, test, fix, deploy and update the individual applications, which will lead to faster deployment and troubleshooting turnaround times.


Like any other trending technology, it has been proved that organizations can achieve more benefits with microservices. They are also sure that they do have some complexities compared to the monolithic approach. Organizations need to have thorough research with the help of a technology consultant or a vendor before jumping into the microservices. The right technology consultant can help your organization by studying your business model and successfully implementing microservices by delivering customized solutions for business-specific.

Sun Technologies have wide expertise in developing products and services with microservices for all industry verticals. Our customized solutions with a customer-first approach can help your organization to achieve greater ROI and customer satisfaction. So, what are your waiting for? Contact us to know more about our expertise in your industry.



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